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Oct 16, 2017· Arch: Arch is a mechanical arrangement of wedge-shaped blocks of stones or bricks mutually supporting each other and supported at the end by piers or abutments. In common with lintels, the function of an arch is to carry the weight of the structure above the opening. The different parts of an arch are described below: […]

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Apr 06, 2015· 4 Types of Stones That Could Be Inside Your Body. BY Kate Horowitz. ... In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, ... The second kind of gastrolith is totally different, but equally amazing. ...

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The main parts of a masonry fireplace include a firebox, damper, smoke chamber with shelf and a chimney. ... What Are the Different Parts o... Home Home & Garden Heating & Cooling. ... A fireplace built entirely of brick or stone can weigh several thousand pounds and needs a sturdy foundation under the whole structure to support the chimney ...

Jewelry Nomenclature: Gem Bracelets And Necklaces

Although worn on different parts of the body, bracelets and necklaces share much of their terminology. The principal parts of these jewelry pieces are: Metal chains or fabric cords that form their foundations. Clasps or fasteners used to secure them. Ornaments used for decoration, such as pendants.

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Jewelry Findings Glossary Introduction, General Terms . Findings: The tools and materials used by an artisan. Jewelry Findings: The component parts or materials used in making a piece of jewelry.. Functional Jewelry Findings: The component parts or materials used in making a piece of jewelry that serve a mechanical function such as attaching, joining, linking.

The Parts of a Medieval Castle

A Medieval castle was a very complex structure and there are lots of things about them that you will recognize. But there are also parts of a medieval castle that you never heard of or maybe heard of but don't really know what they are! Here are some definitions, explanations and drawings of many of the parts of Medieval Castles.

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CROWN The crown consists of a large flat area on top called the table, and a number of facets.As the diamond catches the light, the job of the crown is to split the light entering the diamond into white light, which gives the stone its brilliance, and colored light, which gives it fire, or dispersion.

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DEFINITIONS OF PARTS OF ARCHES. Abutment: The outer wall that supports the arch, and which connects it to the adjacent banks. Arch Sheeting : The voussoirs which do not show at the end of the arch. Camber is a slight rise of an arch, as to } inch per foot of span. Crown : …

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Earring Parts, Earring Findings and Earring Components. Choose from earring parts and findings to design, repair or replace missing parts of your own earrings. Select from French wires, Shepards hooks, ball on posts, lever backs, clip ons, screw backs, earring backs, friction clutches, hypo …

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Here's a list of the terms you should know when you're talking to a jeweler about the parts of your diamond ring or any ring. Navigation Book an ... If I asked you about the parts of a ring, you might say, "well, there's a stone and a band." But there's more. ... Aimee M. Berrent is the owner of A Matter of Brilliance and a GIA Graduate ...

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All of the Stone Age was prehistoric. When it is divided into two parts they are the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic) and the new Stone Age (Neolithic).

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Parts of a Castle

Welcome to Castles for Kids. Please browse these pages to learn more about the parts of a castle, what they have inside them, and the people that live in a castles.

Prehistoric Stone Tools Categories and Terms

It is very likely that bone and wooden tools are also quite early, but organic materials simply don't survive as well as stone. This glossary of stone tool types includes a list of general categories of stone tools used by archaeologists, as well as some general terms pertaining to stone tools.

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Trust Stone Truck Parts in for heavy duty truck replacement parts, trailer parts, bus replacement parts, and other on and off road truck parts.

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STONE NAMES Currently, there are many companies around the world that use generic names to identify different types of stone. This has created a problem for the stone maintenance industry. The original names were in Italian. Usually the name consists of two parts.

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Jul 11, 2014· I know what you're thinking — Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the closest book-to-film translation you've ever seen. And you might be right. All of the most important parts of J.K ...

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Masonry fireplaces, built of bricks, blocks or stone and mortar, are massive structures often weighing between 6 and 7 tons! They are aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and add real value to your home. With a little care and periodic maintenance they can give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Parts of Castles in the Middle Ages. Parts of Castles in the Middle Ages The following table describes the different parts of the Medieval Castles during the Middle Ages. It also provides a description of what they were used for: Parts of Castles: What the parts of the Castles were used for

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Architectural elements are the unique details and component parts that, together, form the architectural style of houses, buildings and structures. Media related to Architectural elements at Wikimedia Commons; This terminology does not include: Terms for buildings as a whole (e.g. church, mansion)

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Blog. 18 November 2019. Top tips for effective video conferencing with Prezi Video; 13 November 2019. Introducing Prezi Video: For when you have something to say

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Stonehenge Construction and History - Lundy, Isle of Avalon

The Naming of the Parts. By the side of the Avenue to the northeast of Stonehenge is the the Heel Stone. It's shape is natural. It leans slightly, but whether it was erected at an angle or was originally erect is uncertain. From the Heel Stone to the centre of the monument is a …

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The seafloor is formed of a dark lava called basalt, the most common volcanic rock. Basalt is also found in volcanic lava flows, such as those in Hawaii, Iceland, and large parts of the U.S ...

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A headstone, tombstone, or gravestone is a stele or marker, usually stone, that is placed over a grave.They are traditional for burials in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions, among others. In most cases they have the deceased's name, date of birth, and date of death inscribed on them, along with a personal message, or prayer, but they may contain pieces of funerary art, especially ...

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The Keep. At the heart of a castle is its tower, known as the keep.. The number of floors within the keep depended on its size and the wealth of its owner. All Keeps contained a large room known as the Great Hall.. The Curtain Wall

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Mar 18, 2013· Although castles varied quite a lot and there were different types of castles, they did share many of the same features. These are some of the key parts of a castle. The Keep The keep was a strong tower located at the centre of a castle. The first keeps were made of wood and were […]

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File photo of a large "staghorn" kidney stone removed intact by open surgery. The various parts of this stone fill up an entire kidney's central collecting system, giving it a characteristic shape appearing similar to a deer's antlers.

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Illusion Setting. An illusion setting is a small stone setting that's used to mount a small gem into a larger setting. Although not often seen in new jewelry, these settings are a great way to keep a favorite piece of jewelry by refitting it with a different gem that's smaller than the original gem.

Gemstones A-Z with detailed gemstone descriptions

Tourmaline is one on the most complex gemstones of the silicate group and there are 10 different varieties created by the dozen or more elements they contain. Origin of name: from Sinhalese turamali = stone of mixed colours.

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Complete set of Stone Age Facts for Kids with images, visual slides and interesting videos that will enable you, your kids and students to understand and learn all about the stone age. Learn about the stone age history, people, their lifestyle, food, houses, clothes, tools, hunting, farming, paintings, children and many more things.

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You don't need to wait at the front door for delicious pizza to be delivered at home. Get out in the backyard and grill it yourself! Grilled pizza is the only way to go and using a pizza stone makes it easy. Grilling pizza provides you with an added smoky flavor that is unmatched by any oven.