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Direct vs Indirect Fired Heaters for Spray Dryers . Posted on 14th January 2019 ; in Dryers by John Real The question of direct or indirect fired spray dryers is one that is starting to be asked in the United States more and more often, especially in food production applications.

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Manufacturer of indirect heat dryers including conventional fluid beds. Features of indirect heat dryers include batch & continuous operations, indirect heat transfer tubes or plates immersed in the bed to increase energy efficiency, fluidizing action, sampling ports. Dryers are available for use in drying, cooling, classifying & sterilizing.

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The continuous paddle dryer is a high-speed horizontal indirect dryer/cooler suitable for heating and drying slurry, filter cakes, pastes, powders and granulates. It has a patented jet rotor design that allows injection of a gas or liquid through the paddles into a thin layer of material as it spirals along the cylindrical wall of the unit.

Indirect Heat Dryer Wholesale, Heat Dryer Suppliers - Alibaba offers 598 indirect heat dryer products. About 46% of these are rotary drying equipment, 16% are drum drying equipment, and 4% are hot air furnace. A wide variety of indirect heat dryer options are available to you, such as rotary drying equipment, hot air furnace, and tray dryer.

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Metallurgical ContentSizing a Rotary Dryer using a Capacity TableRotary Dryer Capacity TableROTARY DRYERS, Direct-Heat DesignROTARY DRYERS, Indirect-Heat DesignROTARY DRYERS, Tedrow Steam DesignRotary Dryer Direct Heat and Indirect Heat Type -Capacity and Sizing Table For evaporating moisture from concentrates or other products from plant operations, Rotary Dryers are …

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Alternatively, waste energy from other plant processes can be used as a heating fluid within the indirect heat exchanger for a cooling process. Indirect heat transfer results in a higher quality final product, as the bulk solid does not come in direct contact with air or fluid, eliminating the risk of contamination.

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Indirect Heat Transfer Dryer are mainly used in sand and gravel yard, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, refractory materials, building materials, and many other industries. There are mainly rotary dryers and indirect heat transfer dryers.

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The rotary dryer design consists principally of a rotating cylinder that is enclosed in a furnace along its active length. With heat transfer indirect and through the cylinder wall, the gas velocities within an indirect dryer are low as compared to a direct heat dryer, and correspondingly, the off-gas system is smaller and more economical.

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If you've air dried your hair in twists or braids only to wake up to matted dry hair you may want to try using indirect heat from a dryer instead. It will help evaporate excess water and aid in stretching out your hair without drying your hair and scalp out.

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Louisville high temperature indirect heat units can operate at temperatures upwards of 1800 degrees F. Whether your process demands moisture removal, calcination, crystalline structure modification, or other unique requirements, Louisville Dryer Company has the experience to solve your processing needs.

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Nov 22, 2017· A dryer is used for the evaporation of liquids from solids. Most types of dryers are indirectly heated with either an internal exchanger coil or an external heat transfer jacket.

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Process Advantages of Indirect Heat Dryers • Product is isolated from the burner flue gases. • Material is heated through radiation and conduction. • Processing material is contained in an atmosphere that can be controlled through the introduction of nitrogen or other gas to facilitate or retard a …

Indirect Heat Rotary Drum Dryer, Indirect Heat Rotary Drum ... offers 272 indirect heat rotary drum dryer products. About 34% of these are rotary drying equipment, 28% are drum drying equipment, and 3% are other mining machines. A wide variety of indirect heat rotary drum dryer options are available to you, such as drum drying equipment, rotary drying equipment.

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Vulcan® Indirect Rotary Dryers are built to rigorous safety and performance standards because they are designed, manufactured and tested in the USA. Vulcan® Indirect Rotary Dryers rely on the heat transferred through the drum's shell to dry the material via conduction and radiation to reduce the material's moisture content.

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Indirect dryers employ similar principles of operation to direct dryers. However the fundamental difference is that the method of heat transfer is predominantly by conduction as opposed to convection. These units are sometimes referred to as contact dryers. Tube Furnace Dryers

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INDIRECT HEAT DRYERS. The indirect heat dryer is a unique piece of equipment that is designed to provide a method to dry, calcine or otherwise process materials in a controlled (oxygen lean) atmosphere.

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Indirect rotary dryers differ from convective-direct dryers in that heat is transferred to the wet product by conduction and radiation through the cylinder wall or through a series of tubes located circumferentially to the cylinder. Indirect rotary dryers use as heating medium hot gases coming from a combustion chamber.

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Direct-heated rotary dryer. Indirect- Direct rotary dryer. Indirect rotary dryer. Special type. A rotary dryer is said to be of the direct type if, by virtue of its design, heat is added to or removed from the solids by direct exchange between the gas and solids. The direct heat dryers are the simplest and the most economical class.

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Indirect fired heaters are just like your home oil or gas burning furnace with a chimney. With propane or natural gas heating units, the flame is contained in a burn chamber which heats a "heat exchanger". The cooler air passes over and around the heat …

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KBW Machinery now supply direct heated rotary dryer and indirect heated rotary dryer. In drying process, some materials allow no contamination. Under such occasions, indirect rotary drum dryers should be your choice. Rotary cylinder is enclosed partially by an insulated jacket. A series of burners heat at the bottom of jacket.

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The Indirect Heat Dryer is a unique piece of equipment that is designed to provide a method to dry, calcine, or otherwise process materials in a controlled (oxygen lean) atmosphere.The selection of an indirect heat dryer is not made lightly as they are both expensive and inefficient.

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The K-S Paddle Sludge Dryer is indirectly heated using steam or circulated thermal fluid (hot oil). High-energy efficiencies and low off-gas volumes are characteristics of a K-S Drying System. The K-S Paddle Sludge Dryer is an indirect heat transfer device that utilizes mechanical agitation to enhance contact with the product being dried.


Direct-heat rotary dryers can operate on fuel oils, natural gas, propane or coal. In addition, steam-heated clean air and flue gases may be used as a heating medium. Indirect-heat rotary dryers are available in steam tube designs and standard rotary models. When the standard rotary design is used, convection heat transfer is employed.

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May 05, 2016· We discuss the dangers of heat on our hair and often we even use the term "direct heat" but what exactly is direct heat? Is it different from indirect heat? Yes, it is and despite the massive products on the market for straightening hair, if a natural wants bone straight hair without using chemicals ...

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Rotary dryers consist of a rotating cylindrical shell that can be horizontal or slightly inclined. In a rotary dryer the heat transfer mechanism can be either direct or indirect. Direct-heat rotary dryers are more common than indirect-heat rotary dryers. Shown here is a rotary dryer …

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Nov 04, 2015· Flights, or material lifters, pick up the material, and drop it through the air stream in a cascading motion to maximize heat transfer efficiency. 9. Indirect-Fired Dryers Conversely, indirect-fired rotary dryers avoid direct contact between the material and the drying air. 10.

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Operation: direct-fired dryers use direct contact between the material and drying air to dry the material, with the potential of using internal lifting flights to maximize the heat transfer. Conversely, indirect dryers use heat emanating from the drum's shell to dry material via radiation and conduction, avoiding direct contact between the ...

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LCI Thin-Film Dryers concentrate slurries, suspensions, and solutions such as catalyst or salt solutions and crude glycerin with indirect heat transfer and mechanical agitation of the thin product film under both vacuum and positive pressure conditions.

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Vulcan Drying Systems Indirect Fired Rotary Dryer IDR 9640 Series. Manufacturer: Vulcan Drying Systems; Vulcan Drying Systems Indirect Rotary Dryers rely on the heat transferred through the drum's shell to dry the material via conduction and radiation to reduce the material's moisture content. Indirect drying allow...

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Indirect dryers rely on the heat emanating from the drum's shell to dry the material via conduction and radiation. Subsequently, indirect dryers would not benefit from the addition of lifting flights, since there is no process gas moving through the drum.

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Custom Solutions for Indirect Heat Dryers. Due to the extreme temperatures at which these units are typically required to operate, careful attention must be given to mechanical design allowing for large thermal expansion cycles.